Extensions & Additions

Need More Space?

Are you considering buying a new home because you have run out of space in your existing one? Moving is such a pain and the market is so limited here in NC. Have you considered what an extension or addition to your current home can do for you or your homes appraisal value?

Here at Razon Contracting we work to give you the best value for you addition with quality materials that will help raise the value of your existing home, while giving you the additional space you desire. Give Razon Contracting a call to speak with one of our professionals and see if we can help you get the most out of your current property

What can you Expect

  • A Professional from End Vision to walk you through the design process
  • A project manager from Razon Contracting to work with your Engineer, Architect, and the town of residence to solidify all aspects of the build and permitting processes.
  • Quality contractors and vendors provided by Razon to build your space to your specifications and to building code.
  • A Design specialist to help you cover & fill your new space.

Ready to make your dreams a reality?

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